Data BackUp and Recovery

BackUp your Data ?

Having duplicate copies of your most important information saved in a remote location keeps it safe in case anything goes badly wrong with your computer...

"Computer Crashes"....

"Virus Infection"....

"Hard Drive Failure"....

"Physical computer damage"....



Offsite BackUp Online

A safer and more effective method of securing files is online backup. Files stored online are safe from damage your computer, and if something goes wrong with your machine you will still have remote access to your information from any computer with internet access. This means files can be quickly and easily restored to your computer from a secure online server.
Then you can carry on working on your computer as normal.

Causes of Data Loss

Data Back-Up is very important.

Businesses or Home users need to implement a backup and disaster recovery process to prevent data loss or restore lost data.Here's why ?

Server or Computer Crashed?
Don't Worry, we can most likely recover your data and restore you to where it was before the crash.
Give us a call and let us know what happened, we will let you know what is the best next step.
We are here to help and we understand that the thought of losing your data can be devastating.
Don't worry, this happens all the time... give us a call and we will show you peace of mind, right now, today!

Customer Feedback

BSH Partnership

Now taken advantage of remote support services and continue to follow their IT suggestions.

John King Landscaping

We have recommended them time and time again as they are exceptional value for money and have the right attitude towards business and what would work for your business.


Provide an excellent and value for money computer service and have come to our rescue when our computers and WiFi have stopped working.

SDB Express

Built us a website and configured our office computers. We've continued to use their services over the past 5 years.