Remote Support

Remote Support enables one of our specially trained technicians to remotely view and control your computer to directly help you with your issue.
One-on-one support for all your questions.

A Quick Solution to Your Technical Issue

How it Works – We provide fast and convenient support through a remote support session.
We simply access your computer remotely, then you grant share control of your screen, mouse, and keyboard to our technician then we assist you with whatever issues your are experiencing.
The whole time you are watching how we fix the issue.

Technical Support

Getting Remote Support
Once you are on the telephone with a technician, you will be directed back to this page to initiate the screen-sharing session. Install our secure software then call us to help fix your issue - this charged at £20 our hourly rate or part of.

Windows 10 Upgrade

Click this link to download and install our software whilst talking to our technician on 0794 1241540 giving us permisssion to connect to your PC and fix issues - this charged at £20 our hourly rate or part of.
As we are no longer doing site visits during Covid-19 pandemic this is the best solution if you still have internet access to your computer.

As a alternative we offer you a Drop off and then Collect service for your computer.